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Drew Kid, a versatile young piano player from Silver Spring, Maryland, presents his first album, "Rebirth", recorded with a creative musical community dubbed the "Oooh Child Ensemble". "Rebirth" reflects Drew's spiritual journey and consists of original compositions written over the past five years. The Oooh Child Ensemble created the environment to record these tunes, inspired by the lineage of the jazz tradition, the timelessness of funk/soul music, and the modern innovation in hip-hop culture. Rebirth is both elegy and psalm. It is a celebration of life: of those with us, and of those who have passed on.


released November 1, 2015

1. Steel
written by Andrew Flores
recorded by Eamonn Aiken at The Bastille, Arlington VA. August 20, 2012
Andrew Velez (tp) Christian Hizon (tb) Joe Whitney (ts/ss) Andrew Flores (ep/p/perc) Phil Ambuel (b) Cody Flores (d)

2. Diko’s Groove
written by Andrew Flores
recorded by The 1978ers at George Mason University, Fairfax VA. August 30, 2012
Ben Malick (tp) Christian Hizon, Ben Jackson (tb) Joe Whitney (ts/ss) Andrew Flores (ep) Phil Ambuel (b) Cody Flores (d) Charlie Ross (scratch)

3. Afrocentric Asians
written by Andrew Flores
recorded by Slimkat78 at The Dojo, Silver Spring MD. June 14, 2011
Andrew Flores (ep) Cody Flores (b/d) Josefina C. Flores (vocal sample)

4. Cerafica
written by Andrew Flores
recorded live by Patiphan Sritanyarath & Andrew Flores at Harris Theatre, George Mason University, Fairfax VA. March 5, 2013
Andrew Velez (tp) Ben Jackson (tb) Joe Whitney (ts) Andrew Flores (p) Charlie Himel (b) Cody Flores (d)

5. Rebirth (feat. Big Rube of the Dungeon Family)
written by Andrew Flores, spoken word by Ruben Bailey
recorded by Bradley Anglin, Dave Ha, Dan Heisler, & Ryan Watson at Art Institute of Washington, Rosslyn VA. April ?, 2011
Big Rube (vox) Andrew Velez (tp) Ben Jackson (tb) Joe Whitney (ts) Cristian Perez (g) Andrew Flores (p) TJ Turqman (b) Graham Doby (d)

6. Gettin' Over (feat. yU & Drew Dave)
written by Graham Doby, Andrew Flores, Michael Willingham, Jr., & Andrew Davidson
recorded by Andrew Flores & Graham Doby at The Dojo, Silver Spring MD January 13, 2013
vocals recorded by Drew Dave & yU December 21, 2013 and September 23, 2014
Josefina C. Flores (vocal sample) Andrew Flores (ep/p) Cody Flores (b) Graham Doby (d) yU (vox) Drew Dave (vox) // chukwumaa (whistling) Phil Ambuel (b) Drew Dave (d)

All compositions by Drew Kid for Afrocentric Asian Music (BMI), except where noted
Mixed by Duncan Wintermyer at The Donut Factory, Cheverly, MD
Mastered by James Kang for Blue Room West, Santa Monica, CA
Cover Photo by Steely Faingaz



all rights reserved


Drew Kid Silver Spring, Maryland

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Track Name: Rebirth (feat. Big Rube)
[Big Rube]
This is the reclamation
A proclamation of intent to distribute a wealth of healthy knowledge
My folks need a lifeline
This dope need a pipeline
Seek and you shall find the grind of the mind’s eye
Turned a blind eye hastily
Can’t recover time wasted
We discover by design every kind of complacency
Overcome the latency that’s seeded in your spirit
Avoid the false fear, it suffocates your soul’s lyrics
Drowns you in your sorrows, leaves no hope for tomorrow
Fills the mind with self-doubt while the heart is left hollow
Swallow all the pride and prejudice that guides
That evil men do, don’t just intend to
The road to hell is paved, the day can still be saved
So seize the sunlight, don’t grieve for one night
‘Cause life’ll fly past you much faster than it has to
Eternal is the struggle, we feel the time passing
But the cosmos is a bubble and the fight is everlasting…

[Josefina Cerafica Flores]
"...One patient told me that I am everything to everybody
One patient referred to me as the 'quarterback'
I try to direct the patient to where they're supposed to go
At the same token, I'm also a patient advocate
I can be their sister, I can be their primary care doctor sometimes even though I'm not a doctor
...most especially...and from their we try to put them all together, so...
...tryna put everything, all the pieces together,
And make into one big patient, one person.."
Track Name: Gettin' Over (feat. yU & Drew Dave)
Deep breath taking steps forward, never back and that's
Just the way I'm living, driven, taken to the max
I mean how can I relax when my Pops he didn't nap until he passed
School of life, honor grad, he would laugh
When quitters give him the grimace face all balled up
You could call on us, less down, more up
I gotta rhyme for every tick-tock there is to a clock
You hear the...drop, that was just a heartbeat
On and on and on shaking shatan up off me
We just wanna do our thang and understand our role
Make ancestors proud, God bless 'Oooh Child'
Cool been a brotha's mood since I was 2 and that ain't no new style
We put on the ones who put you down, youknowI'msayin?
The meek are the great, lift the ultimate weight
Knowing health is your wealth, put your thoughts in a bank
I'm just a king making awesome mistakes, hey...

[Drew Dave]
Yeah...if you look into my eyes you can tell I'm hungry
Never wellin', dummy, we don't need to lie
So whenever we roll up, brotha, please don't be surprised
How my whole crew shining like we don't need the light
How my whole crew grinding like we don't need a mic
But spit the dopest sh*t you ever heard
I never realized that I could spit a verse
Until I realized I had the illest words so I had to kill it, hearse
Yeah, and now it's time to switch beat
And keep it moving like the slick keys, lightning fast, blitzkrieg
To all my brothas, get that Krisp-Kreme
Until I'm ch-ching cashing out these 16's
Back when I was 15 I started to flip things
Cause Michael Carter made them beats seem flawless
Used to keep my feelings under wrap tryna guard sh*t
But now I put them all up in my music, this is God's gift//
Oooh Child...