Gettin' Over (feat. yU & Drew Dave)

from by Oooh Child Ensemble



Deep breath taking steps forward, never back and that's
Just the way I'm living, driven, taken to the max
I mean how can I relax when my Pops he didn't nap until he passed
School of life, honor grad, he would laugh
When quitters give him the grimace face all balled up
You could call on us, less down, more up
I gotta rhyme for every tick-tock there is to a clock
You hear the...drop, that was just a heartbeat
On and on and on shaking shatan up off me
We just wanna do our thang and understand our role
Make ancestors proud, God bless 'Oooh Child'
Cool been a brotha's mood since I was 2 and that ain't no new style
We put on the ones who put you down, youknowI'msayin?
The meek are the great, lift the ultimate weight
Knowing health is your wealth, put your thoughts in a bank
I'm just a king making awesome mistakes, hey...

[Drew Dave]
Yeah...if you look into my eyes you can tell I'm hungry
Never wellin', dummy, we don't need to lie
So whenever we roll up, brotha, please don't be surprised
How my whole crew shining like we don't need the light
How my whole crew grinding like we don't need a mic
But spit the dopest sh*t you ever heard
I never realized that I could spit a verse
Until I realized I had the illest words so I had to kill it, hearse
Yeah, and now it's time to switch beat
And keep it moving like the slick keys, lightning fast, blitzkrieg
To all my brothas, get that Krisp-Kreme
Until I'm ch-ching cashing out these 16's
Back when I was 15 I started to flip things
Cause Michael Carter made them beats seem flawless
Used to keep my feelings under wrap tryna guard sh*t
But now I put them all up in my music, this is God's gift//
Oooh Child...


from Rebirth, released November 1, 2015
written by Graham Doby, Andrew Flores, Michael Willingham, Jr., & Andrew Davidson
recorded by Andrew Flores & Graham Doby at The Dojo, Silver Spring MD January 13, 2013
vocals recorded by Drew Dave & yU December 21, 2013 and September 23, 2014
Josefina C. Flores (vocal sample) Andrew Flores (ep/p) Cody Flores (b) Graham Doby (d) yU (vox) Drew Dave (vox) // chukwumaa (whistling) Phil Ambuel (b) Drew Dave (d)



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Drew Kid Silver Spring, Maryland

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