Rebirth (feat. Big Rube)

from by Oooh Child Ensemble



[Big Rube]
This is the reclamation
A proclamation of intent to distribute a wealth of healthy knowledge
My folks need a lifeline
This dope need a pipeline
Seek and you shall find the grind of the mind’s eye
Turned a blind eye hastily
Can’t recover time wasted
We discover by design every kind of complacency
Overcome the latency that’s seeded in your spirit
Avoid the false fear, it suffocates your soul’s lyrics
Drowns you in your sorrows, leaves no hope for tomorrow
Fills the mind with self-doubt while the heart is left hollow
Swallow all the pride and prejudice that guides
That evil men do, don’t just intend to
The road to hell is paved, the day can still be saved
So seize the sunlight, don’t grieve for one night
‘Cause life’ll fly past you much faster than it has to
Eternal is the struggle, we feel the time passing
But the cosmos is a bubble and the fight is everlasting…

[Josefina Cerafica Flores]
"...One patient told me that I am everything to everybody
One patient referred to me as the 'quarterback'
I try to direct the patient to where they're supposed to go
At the same token, I'm also a patient advocate
I can be their sister, I can be their primary care doctor sometimes even though I'm not a doctor
...most especially...and from their we try to put them all together, so...
...tryna put everything, all the pieces together,
And make into one big patient, one person.."


from Rebirth, released November 1, 2015
written by Andrew Flores, spoken word by Ruben Bailey
recorded by Bradley Anglin, Dave Ha, Dan Heisler, & Ryan Watson at Art Institute of Washington, Rosslyn VA. April ?, 2011
Big Rube (vox) Andrew Velez (tp) Ben Jackson (tb) Joe Whitney (ts) Cristian Perez (g) Andrew Flores (p) TJ Turqman (b) Graham Doby (d)



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